I.P  Certifications & Intellectual property rights 

ISO 9001 Certificate 

Funistem has achieved International Standardization (ISO 9001) for Quality Management Systems established by the International Organization for Standardization. 

*ISPA (International Association of Sleep Products) Member Certificate

*Lenzing Certificate

*EMC MSIP Certificate

*OKIN Remote control  Certificate

*Electrical Equipment Safety Certificate

*Energy efficiency management equipment report certificate

*Accreditation of Institute of Corporate Affiliation

*Certificate of Quality Management System

*Trademark registration: 16 cases of 20th household etc.

*Trademark registration: 17 cases, including IoT (Internet of Things) applications

*Trademark registration: 16 cases, including 35th furniture wholesale business

*Enrollment of Practical Application: Bed mattress model

*Design Registration: Class 05 Textiles

*KS Certificate: General Bed for Home (KS G 4300)

*Design Registration: Bed mattress model

*Patents: Bed Headboard Coupling Device