Spring Processing

The first and only one LFK spring machine for Seven zone in Korea - REMEX

LFK spring machine for seven zone is enabling us to produce differentdiameter of springs to consist of seven zone to overcome normal spring machines which only can produce ONE diameter sized springs.

Three differentsized diameter spring means 3 different firmness of spring to provide optimized coziness which some zone is soft and some zone is firm following body line.

Each end side of spring is mechanically opened form to react sensitively and elastically to movement. In addition it has more two hundreds springs than current bonnell spring (calculation based on Q size) to tightly support and superior durability than bonnell.

Furnistem has introduced the latest LFK Springs manufacturing facility from Remex, Switzerland, which delivers excellent elasticity and more than twice durability of conventional spring mattresses.

Incased spring machines for two types (High density / Standard)

Our Multi mixed incased spring arrangement system consists of two types incased spring. One is Standard incased spring and other one is High density incased spring diameter of spring is 30% smaller than Standard type to array 7 zone area supporting body more tightly and sensitively.

- Incased spring is covered with antibacterial nonwovens to improve hygiene and durability.

- For tight and delicate body support, we array diverse springs with different types.

- Another feature of Furnistem’s incased spring is that springs are cross arrayed.

**7 zone triple incased springs 


3 types springs variated in diameter and firmness support body following body line

Foam process

Urethane foaming robot 

- Urethan foaming robot is a facility that covers the upper connection of the spring by shooting the eco-friendly MDI urethane foam onto the spring top.  

- This robot enables differentiated manufacturing that minimizes the deformation and noise of the spring, which has been a drawback of the conventional spring mattress, and improves durability. 

**Eco foaming technique  : All-in-one technique that combines spring and filling materials into one to improve the strength and durability of mattresses 

- The weakest part of the spring mattress is not the spring itself, but the spring to spring, which is most likely to cause noise at this connection.  

- We introduced Urethane foaming which is covering upper side of springs to improve durability between springs and reduce noise.  

3D foam cutter with ultra-precision machining 

Triple deodorant -Foam mattress deodorizer 

11st maturity, 2nd maturity (after bulk form slices), 3rd VOC (smell deodorization),
this three-stage deodorant process produces non-toxic, odorless, clean mattresses.

   Fabric process

Axiom quilting machine for enhancing the volumetric feel of the mattress  

- This machine provides a premium pattern and volumetric design that enhances the appearance of the mattress. 

- The world's leading Quilting  technology holds the padding in place and allows the electric misting shaft to move simultaneously to maximize the volumetric feel of the mattress. 

   Embroidery process

Automatic embroidery system that completes the class of mattresses. 

Furnistem's automated embroidery system enhances the appearance of the mattress by creating a premium quality.