[ Analyzing component of mattress  ]

The Quality management team of Furnistem is thoroughly conducting tests for whole manufacturing process including safety and durability tests.

     Rolling test 

- Repetitive rolling with 109kg load for 100,000 times

- Testing durability with rolling pressure. 

- Rolling test following US official standard. 

Vertical pressure test 

            - Testing durability following Korean Standards Association (KSA).

                             - 80,000 times of vertical pressure test with 100kg load.

[ Analyzing material of mattress ]

Quality management part of Furnistem is conducting material, safety and stability tests covering whole manufacturing area.

Omnipotent material test machine 

- Testing properties and durability of Foam/ Fabric/ Steel wire/ Spring

- Analyzing firmness, elasticity, bearing power of material and conducting material breaking test.

Air ventilation tester 

- Measuring air transmissivity of Urethane foam, Latex and Memory foam.

Rebound tester  

- Measuring elasticity of Urethane foam, Latex and Memory foam.

Measurement of recovery speed of memory foam
- Tester for measuring visco-elasticity and recovery speed of memory foam

- Verify elasticity and body pressure relief

Test chamber 

- Aging test for Urethane foam, Latex and Memory foam.

- Compress material a second under 70 Celsius degree for 22 hours.

Fabric fastness test 

- Test fabric fastness caused by fabric rubbing

Radon radioactivity measuring unit 

- Radon radiation measurementprecisely within 1 hour.

Repetitive pressure test 

- Pressure test under different conditions pressure, times and load.