Our sleep engineering research center is certified by authorized institution KOITA (Korea industrial technology association) continuously concentrating on sleep research in order to develop innovative sleeping technologies.

IoT solutions for innovative future bed room environment

• Smart Rest IoT, which was launched in 2018based on analyzed big data from bed room, is automatically control bed room environment for optimized bed room environment.

• Smart Rest IoT is actively providing sleepers with individually customized sleep solution for deep sleep by removing obstacles which is interrupting sleep.

• Our ‘Sleep engineering research center’ is regularly upgrading ‘Smart Rest IoT’ platform to present innovative future bed room environment which is improving life style of users

Sleep analysis 

Accumulated sleep data which is analyzed by big data analysis method, is researching individual sleep pattern and trend.

We’re continuously researching on sleep to ultimately improve sleep quality by searching optimized conditions for deep sleep from big data

Life style analysis 

Life style analysis of each individual users at least one week duration are essential factors for sleep analysis.

Since each user’s body type and life style is different, we research how each user’s sleep pattern is affecting sleep.

We categorize each individual’s life style patter to achieve improved life style. In the mean while we reflect this result to development for individual customized product.