The type and feature of mattress

*Memory foam mattress

Since made from high density polyurethane material, reacts body temperature and body pressure to memorize body shape.

Even though memory foam mattress has advantages, recovery speed from body pressure is slightly slow

*Latex mattress  

Extracted natural rubber is main material, elasticity is outstanding and due to high density it well supports body and distributes body pressure evenly.  

*Spring mattress

consisting of a variety of material mainly springs and covered by mattress fabric.

All mattresses manufactured by Furnistem is going well with the most state-of-art world technologies.

  Core of mattress 

Memory Foam   

Originally NASA(National Aeronautics and space administration) invented in order to protect astronauts from shock and heavy gravities with characteristic of Visco-Elasticity. It is popular being used in core of mattress due to low elasticity and high density for shock absorbing.

*Comfort Visco-elasticity


When force pressure to Latex and spring mattress, repulsive force is distributing to body. On the other hand on the memory foam people tend to don’t feel repulsive power.

Memory foam mattress brings comfort sleep environment by extremely reducing discomfort of muscle and nerve and aligning position of spine and joint.

*Air ventilated open cell structure

Inner side of memory foam, there’re billions of open cell and when user is lying down on the mattress it memorizes temperature and weight.

Open cell structure helps comfort sleep with well ventilated structure.

*Outstanding durability

Memory foam is high density and so has high durability.

Advantages of memory foam of Furnistem

Comparison of firmness 

1. Imported material from Global No.1 German chemical company

2. Operating memory foam maturing room: Eliminates remain chemical substances 

3. Using Environmental friendly adhesive which is not discharging VOC(volatile organic compound)

4. Operating reserved line only for foaming of memory foam

∙ Improve properties of matter of support layer enabling it to support body evenly.
∙ Improve properties of matter of support layer enabling it to support body evenly.

LFK Springs 

World No.1 LFK machines from Spühl Switzerland.

LFK Springs(Leicht Feder Kern / Light Weight inner spring)

Spühl’s LFK machine can make 3 differentiated firmness springs that has strong elasticity and softness in order to deliver the most ideal comfortableness

Two end side of spring is shaped open structure reacting elastically against pressure. And diameter is smaller than normal bonnell springs so more 200 springs are positioned than bonnell springs based on queen size.

Furnistem introduced the-state-of-art machines from Spühl Switzerland. When we manufacture springs treating with heat two times to produce more elastic and durable springs for our mattress.

∙ Improved than offset springs    

∙ Applying for high price mattress    

∙ Outstanding durability and bearing power


∙ The first springs for mattress

∙ Applying for cheap mattress

∙ Low durability



∙ Improved springs than bonnell springs

∙ Applying for mid-low mattress

∙ Reduced noise / Improved durability than bonnell

Soft and High elastic LFK springs 

 Furnistem’s LFK springs are realizing diverse firmness with different diameter of springs.

Open coil method 

We choose open coil method to support body from any movement during sleep.

Urethane foaming 

We introduced Urethane foaming which is covering upper side of springs to improve durability between springs and reduce noise. 

Comparison of body pressure of LFK springs and bonnell springs  

X-sensor simulation images measuring body pressure on the mattress

-Red area means high body pressure which is inhibiting deep sleep due to pressure on body during sleep.

-You can see LFK springs by Furnistem absorbing relieving body pressures to make ideal sleep environment on the left picture.

Mattress with LFK springs
Mattress with LFK springs
Mattress with Bonnell springs
Mattress with Bonnell springs

High dense incased springs 

The area High dense incased springs are positioned is delivering more tight support to body and since there’re more 100 springs, durability of springs are enhanced than normal incased springs. Each springs are independently positioned users do not affect from near sleepers movement during sleep. 

Incased springs are covered with anti-bacterial non-woven so that it’s hygiene and reducing noise.

In addition two types of springs High dense and Normal dense springs are arrayed crossly to realized 7 zone springs mattress.



    Fabric for mattress 

We introduced the state-of-art fabric technologies into our mattress fabric.

Fabric specialist has dedicated in developing suitable fabric for our mattresses. As of the first stage of product planning, our specialists are designing fabric considering product concept and design.

Based on eco-friendly material including Cotton, Tencel, Modal, Bamboo, Silk and Linen, and functional fabric such as Poly, Allergy care, Coot & Warm touch, Viscos and Rayon, we’re developing mattress according to customer’s needs.  

We apply for customized mattress for Motion bed ( Electric adjustable bed ) reacting to movement of bed frame.

In addition thoroughly test are performed continuously for quality management and we’re reflecting latest trend to our mattress in the aspect of material, function for product differentiation.

Oeko-tex class.1 fabric   

Oeko-Tex® mark 

The best European certification mark Oeko-tex proves this fabric is “No Harmful” for human’s health.

Fabric without injurant and agricultural chemicals and natural dyes are essential factor for Oeko-tex certification mark and it is safe fabric for kids and babies.

Tencel, Modal and Viscos fabric 

Mattress fabric should not be sensitive for human’s skin because contacts during sleep. We apply natural fabric for our product like Tencel and Modal made by Lenzing, not sensitive for even sensitive skin.

Viscos fabric called pure natural fabric made from wood pulp are widely used in our mattress since it has good characteristic ‘soft touch’ and ‘air ventilation’ ideal for mattress.

Allergy care fabric

Allergy care fabric is applied to the mattress of the Furnistem
Allergy Care Fabric is a soft, smooth touch and light-feeling material suitable for delicate, sensitive skin and child skin, and is a functional material that passes air and prevents mites.

Cotton and Melange fabric

Cotton and Melange are safe for sensitive skin and has no chemical components, so these are used as a basic fabric material applied to our products.

Cotton fabrics made from cotton are clean, pure natural materials that are often used in fabrics for baby swaddle.

These Fabric material are easy to care, hygroscopic and breathable, also good for sweat release and ventilation. 

Especially Cotton and Melange are used as an environmental fabric since these were decomposed after disposal.

Customized fabric for motion bed (Electric adjustable bed) 

Customized mattress for motion bed should be free from movement of electric adjustable bed.

We apply ideal yarn composition of knit fabric in the first stage when we knit fabric.